The future of renewable energy
Complete solutions for PV systems

Photovoltaic systems

Complete PV solutions for family houses, industrial buildings and ground installations.

We build photovoltaic power plants both in the open and on the roofs of industrial buildings and houses.

We process further applications for grants under the operational program "The New Green Savings". We provide all the necessary permits and documents for the construction and connection of the plant to the grid.

The main task of the company Alternative Energy Systems Inc. It is a comprehensive customer care, which is associated with long-term support including monitoring, maintenance, monitoring of individual devices from a central control room. Communication with distribution networks and other authorities.

In collaboration with leading partners to provide ideal solutions for photovoltaic systems worldwide for each client. Within the group, and partners with Alternative Energy Systems Inc. participated in the installation of more than 80 plants in the last four years with a total output of 60 MWp.

Currently, the company is actively focusing on the territory

  • Europe – particularly in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, Romania,
  • North America- particularly in Canada
  • Africa – particularly in Congo, Togo, Mali

Other activities

As a wholesale supplier of components for solar technology and founder of Internet shops are also involved in the development Storage System - a system for storing electricity produced from renewable sources.

Solar energy saves the environment, provides all funding and energy self-sufficiency.

Photovoltaics is a phenomenon of our times. Production of electricity from solar radiation dispenses entirely without additional fuel, raw materials and costs. Photovoltaics offers the opportunity to utilize your unused roof and radically reduces the overall cost of the home.

The sun is the energy source available to everyone, everywhere adequately and completely free. Solar energy does not pollute the environment. Photovoltaic power does not burden your surroundings without noise, odors, dust, fumes or harmful radiation.

The production of solar energy does not require any additional fuel or raw materials. Photovoltaic power plant produces no waste. No need to buy electricity from fossil fuels, the price increases every year.
Photovoltaic power plant does not require extensive maintenance or other investments. Solar power plants have a lifespan of up to 30 years.

A new green savings

Collection applications right now!

Family houses

Solar energy saves the environment, your finances and provide energy self-sufficiency.

Industrial buildings

Use the roof of your property for electricity production

Ground installations

Use the roof of your property for electricity production