Cost saving technological progress.
Quality chips with long life.

LED Lights

Arrange exchange your existing lighting for our LED without worries.

AES company engaged in the development, production and installation of LED lighting of the highest quality.

For our products we use only the finest chips brands LG and Cree. As we are a producer of premium lighting alone, we are able to offer production and custom. Within our products we use further resources and inverters that enable the management of flux and odousměrnou communication.

Operational advantages of LED

  • LEDs have instant startup sunshine.
  • Extremely long product life of 100,000 hours is no exception.
  • LED lights do not mind frequent switching is shock resistant.

Technical advantages of LED

  • LED lighting is now the most economical and most environmentally friendly source of light
  • LED bulbs are structurally simple
  • LED technology can replace all kinds of lighting
  • LED bulbs can replace incandescent bulbs
  • At the end of life continue to shine, only a diminishing luminosity