Solar energy and the technology of tomorrow
We are innovative technologies in the energy and energy as a whole.

Photovoltaic systems

The future of renewable energy.
Jakub Štefanec
Business Director

LED Lights

Cost saving technological progress.
Mgr. Tomáš Míček
Business Manager
Development and Production

Thermal recombination of organic matter

Development and Production
Martin Filák
Division director
our manufacturing plant
Manufacturing plant, Přerov, Czech republic
Our objective is to find a a comprehensive solution for energy self-sufficiency cities, industrial complexes and houses. Our priority is the customer and his satisfaction. Product quality and usability.

The company Alternative Energy Systems Inc. was created by connection a team of professionals from the company Filák Ltd. and foreign capital.

The added value is further LED lighting from Filák s.r.o, which uses a unique manufacturing processes.